For VIP Casino Players Only

So, what exactly makes a VIP casino player? Well, VIPs are players that are considered to be true high rollers. The casino that they have joined wants to keep their business. These gambling sites are happy to give them lots of rewards and benefits to keep them loyal. The sort of benefits that you could expect as a VIP casino player are so much more than just the simple cash back offers and small deposit bonuses that are rewarded to many casino players.

As a high roller you will be awarded with all sorts of benefits that vary from casino to casino, although most offer pretty great deals such as 2nd chance lottery winners prizes and exclusive VIP trips. Examples of good online casino sites that will provide you with this great opportunity are Winner Casino, Vegas Online Casino and Wild Sultan. Please, note that not all of them have a UK license.

If you aren’t a high roller player yet, then make sure that if you are considering this route. Pick UK casinos with a VIP store online. Register an account at those gambling sites that offer you the best deals to make it completely worth your while. Then you will get the perfect rewards from their VIP catalog. When looking at casinos and online gambling sites, make sure you check out their loyalty programmes and look out for the casinos that offer the most.

At the very least, these VIP casino sites should offer big limit games, so you can get your teeth into the slots. You don’t want to be stuck on a casino full of slots with low maximum bets. You need to also make sure that you get a casino site with the very best customer service – if you’re playing big money, you’ll want to be able to talk to someone whenever you need to. You also want a site that has simple, safe and secure banking so you can get your money in and out with ease.

If you prefer playing for real money offline, then go with Pauma buffet and try their all you can eat lobster restaurant or Barona free buffet. If you like playing slots from the comfort of your home, then our recommendation to you is to try one of UK casino sites targeting VIP players. For those of you who like playing on the go there are plenty of options available, such as Valley View casino app or hundreds of UK licensed casino apps for high rollers.

High Roller Casino UK

So, we’ve established that to be a VIP player in your chosen casino, you need to be a high roller. But what does exactly constitute a high roller? Do you have to follow Casino Grounds streams or play VR slots for thousands of pounds at Slotsmillion? The term itself is becoming widely popular. In 2018 there is a new UK online casino launched by Betit Operations Ltd called This slot site is somewhat familiar to Casumo and Winning Room. If you are looking for new online casinos, why not try your casino roller game tricks there today? Let’s give it a spin!

Back to our question now. For being called a high roller at casino in Las Vegas or online you have to fulfil certain conditions. If you play slots online you must know certain things. You must know what Casinomeister is and be good at identifying fake casino streamers. You should know how to tell if a poker chip is real. But it all will not make you a high roller at online casino. Obviously, it’s people that place big bets, but how big does your bet have to be to be considered as a real high roller?

Well, the definition of a high roller can vary from casino to casino. For example, at certain casinos in Australia, if you want to be considered a high roller then you would need to bring between AUD 50,000 and AUD 75,000 to the table. However, if you are playing at a casino in Las Vegas, you only be considered a high roller if you bring anything between $150,000 and $300,000 to the table. Such players know that the ID number of $5000 official money chip is 061579. They know it all and so do the casinos. However, that’s on the land based side of things. What about the online casinos?

Well, if you’re looking to be considered a high roller online and wish to earn yourself VIP status and access their benefit programmes, then you would be expected to bet around €1,000 on a single bet. 1000 chip is a lot for most of us, but not for these guys. Should you start betting around this amount, then you might expect to enter their VIP programme. If you are going to play in a high roller tournament, then you should expect a buy-in of around €10,000. It is only a title that can be earned by people who have a lot of money to play on casinos at any one time. Spending lots of money playing a number of smaller bets won’t get you that title, you need to play those big bets.

Best Casino Bonus with High Max Bet and Limit

If you’re looking for casino bonuses as a high roller or VIP player, then you need to find bonuses that offer high maximum bets and limits. You also want to make sure that those bonuses are big. There’s no point getting a 100% bonus up to €200 if you plan on depositing a lot more than €200. You need to find a bonus that lets you take full advantage of what is on offer – here are some of the best around:

  • Slotland is great as it offers players a 100% bonus up to an impressive €1,000 with just a 12-times wagering requirement. All you have to do is sign up for the site and enter the code WELCOME1 and the big money is all yours.
  • CasinoMax is another site with a great offer for high rollers. It is giving away a 300% bonus up to a huge €3,000 and on top of this you can get 200 free spins as well. This offer does come with a 40-times wagering requirement, but the offer is very generous. Simply sign up and enter MAX3000 to claim the goodies.
  • Slots Capital Casino offers a pretty strange yet inviting 277% bonus up to €2,777. Although this amount is pretty odd, it does allow for a very nice bet amount. It has a 41-time wagering requirement attached to it, which is around the standard amount for these big offers. Just sign up and enter SLOTS277 to get yours

VIP Casino Offers

It’s not all about the welcome bonuses and deals that appeal to VIP players, it’s the offers that the casinos have in general for VIP players that attracts and keeps those gold dust VIP players and high rollers. So, what casinos get it right when coming up with the best deals and offers out there for their most valuable players?

  • Well, Casino-X not only claims to be the go to casino when it comes to blackjack, roulette, slots and jackpots, but it’s also proud of its VIP offers. On sign-up you will benefit from a 100% bonus up to €2,000 alongside 30 free spins. However, on top of this you can also get 4 separate reload bonuses which together total €3,950. That a decent sum to keep you rolling.
  • SpinStation may be a relative newcomer to the scene, but it knows that it wants to attract and keep the high rollers. To do that, it is offering a 200% bonus up to €2,000 and free spins on the slot game Starburst. This mobile site boasts a super secure experience so is perfect for players depositing high amounts.
  • Moongames offers high rolling players an out of this world casino experience with over 200 slot games along with scratch cards and table games. What makes this great for those VIP players though is it’s 130% bonus up to €500 followed up by another 2 reload bonuses that total €1,500.

Slot Tournaments for VIPs

Any casino you join as a VIP player will offer tournaments – especially for those VIP players, and will have huge and exciting prizes up for grabs. Slot tournaments are popular for all players as well as high roller players as they are easy to play and require no real special skills. It also allows high rolling players to experience the added excitement of playing slots against other big players in a competitive nature. For VIP players, the idea that they are winning a title as well as money can be a real big draw.
The best slot tournaments are by invitation only, and this is where being a VIP player and high roller has its benefits. You will be invited. These are often very exclusive tournaments where you will be playing the best games for the best prizes against the best players. If you are a member of the VIP club, when you make a bet, you’re often given VIP points. The more points you receive, the more perks, rewards and rebates you’re likely to receive. This is where you’ll find that invitation waiting for you for a top slot VIP tournament. Often, you’ll be awarded with cash prizes worth thousands, top class holidays, electronics and other huge prizes. These are undoubtedly the best tournaments around. They offer the thrill of the spin, the chance to win money on the slot anyway – and on top of that you could walk away with the prize of a lifetime.

Poker Offers for VIP Players

It’s not just online slot players that get VIP status, VIP players are around in many other areas of gambling including online poker. Poker is very popular, and many players play big amounts of money, making it a popular game to be a VIP player on. However, there are so many sites that boast great VIP programmes and offers, but what ones are the best?

  • 888 Poker Reward Scheme comes first because of its simplicity and variety of awards. You are automatically entered into the rewards program on sign up and all you have to do is start playing. The more you play, the more status points you’ll earn. The higher you get, the more rewards you’ll experience. There are 10 levels, starting from Blue and going all the way up to VIP and VIP Diamond. Each level comes with its own rewards such as tournament entries, cash back, poker gear and more. Reach the higher levels and you’ll get up to 36% cashback and €10,000 monthly freerolls.
  • Bet Online Poker Rewards offers POP points and is one of the simplest VIP programs to be found. You simply play poker to earn points then use those points to buy in POP-only events. You can only earn points by playing in cash games and tournaments. With the points you can enter POP only tournaments.
  • Lock Poker Rewards works like many of the others – you progress through the levels as you earn points. There are 4 levels to work through – White VIP, Silver VIP, Black VIP and Black VIP Elite. The White VIP – the lowest, offers rewards such as access to a €2,000 monthly freeroll and 10% cashback. The Black VIP Elite offers players a €4,000 monthly freeroll, 22.5% cashback, a lock casino bonus and your own dedicated VIP representative.

VIP Bingo Rounds

There are lots of bingo sites out there and many offer very comprehensive and impressive VIP bingo rounds. Some of the best sites offer very lucrative benefits to staying and playing with them. Here are some of the best bingo sites with the best VIP bingo rounds:

  • The Gala Bingo VIP Club involves a four-tier system from Bronze to Platinum. Each level offers you more rewards and benefits, such as free bingo, double loyalty points, deposit bonuses, to name but a few. These make playing the games even more fun and enjoyable. You can earn access to VIP only games and VIP only rounds and make the most of your VIP status.
  • Sun Bingo has a great VIP reward and loyalty scheme. Once you enter the VIP system, you can start earning some great benefits such as daily cashback, and weekly deposit matches. Should you reach the top Platinum tier, you’ll earn exclusive benefits such as access to VIP events and trips, along with a dedicated support team. This is a scheme that definitely rewards big spending, high rolling players and rewards loyalty.
  • Bet365 is another one that uses a four-tier reward system which allows you to collect loyalty points by playing bingo and playing slots. Like the others, the more points you earn, the better the rewards you’ll have access to. You could find yourself with access to top VIP bingo rounds, free games and more.

VIP Roulette

As a VIP player, you won’t want to play just any roulette game, you’ll definitely be looking to play roulette with high limits, so you can bet big and win big. Well, these high limit games can be found online in many different casinos and here are some of the very best that are on offer. These games are for serious players only…

  • 3D Roulette VIP tells us exactly what it is – it was designed with VIP players and high rollers in mind. By playing 3D Roulette VIP, you can have much more realistic fun as you enjoy playing with the 3D angles that enable you to take an alternative view of European Roulette. The minimum bet on this table is €10, so it isn’t completely prohibitive to non-VIPs, but with a maximum bet of €2,000, it’s definitely a game that you can play big on.
  • European Roulette VIP is another game that’s specifically designed for its VIP audiences. This game features one 0 and the number 1 to 36. Players can place bets on numbers, colours, odds/even, or a group of numbers. This game has no cash out limits, a minimum bet of just €10 and a maximum bet of a massive €2,000.
  • A real offering for those high rollers is Premium French Roulette by Playtech. This game works the same as all the other roulette variants. The main difference is the layout. The outside bets on the left include Manique 1-18, Impair Odds and Red. The outside bets on the right include Passé 19-36, Pair Even and Black including P12, M12 and D12. This game may not specifically state that it’s a VIP game, but with a maximum bet of €3,000, it’s a great game if you want to go big.

Casino Rewards and Loyalty Programs

If a casino wants to get you and keep you, then it has to offer a great loyalty program and reward scheme. If it doesn’t, then there are so many others to choose from, that there’s nothing to stop you spending your money elsewhere. However, if you know that if you put your money into the same casino and you’ll get lots of rewards and treats, you’re more likely to stay with that online casino. Many casinos offer some great loyalty programs, but what are the best around?

  • 888 Casino has a great reward and loyalty program. There are 3 levels involved in the program – Member, Gold and Platinum. The benefits from being a member of this program are: increased deposit limits, which is perfect for VIP members, a personal account manager, VIP bonus offers, super-fast cash out and even more. You also receive a higher comp point conversion rate and you could win monthly prizes ranging from hi-tech gadgets to luxury holidays.
  • All slots Casino has a 5-level loyalty scheme – Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Should you become a Diamond VIP you’ll have an increased withdrawal limit of €10,000 per week. As well as this, Gold, Platinum and Diamond VIPs have a personal account manager, free spins every week, higher deposit limits and they can redeem Loyalty Points to cash.
  • William Hill offers a 4-level loyalty scheme – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. If you want a dedicated account manager, then you would need to reach the Platinum level. However, all levels will receive better Comp Point exchange rates, faster withdrawals, higher table limits and special promotions and bonuses.

Fast Withdrawals for Best Players

There’s really no point in playing big and winning big if the casino you are playing on has really slow withdrawals – and even worse – low withdrawal limits. If a casino has a withdrawal limit of €10,000 per month, while that may be fine for the average player who won’t need much more than that, but if you’re a VIP player, you’re putting in more so you expect to get out more. Therefore, it is in your best interest to ensure that the casino you are on lets you take that money out. Here are the best casinos for VIP withdrawals:

  • Guts Casino is brilliant when it comes to withdrawals for VIP players and high rollers. It has instant withdrawals, but as well as this, there are no withdrawal limits, so whatever you win, you can get out straight away.
  • Energy Casino is another casino that is great for VIP players and high rollers with its withdrawals. The speed is very quick with lots of methods available and you are able to draw out a pretty impressive €5,000 per day, which means that if you hit a big win, it won’t be long until you have the whole lot in your bank account.
  • Then there is Lucky Dino Casino, which accepts a wide range of payment methods, including instant banking. As a result, the payouts are very quick and easy, it offers weekend payouts and there is absolutely no maximum withdrawal, so you can get your money whenever you want.

Best High Roller Online Casinos

It’s very important if you are a high roller that you make sure you pick the best casino for your needs. Here, we are going to give you the best casinos equipped for VIP players and high rolling players, taking everything into account such as welcome bonus, loyalty scheme, withdrawals and more:

  • Guts Casino is an incredible casino for high rollers. This has a great welcome deposit of 100% as well as free spins. Along with an impressive loyalty scheme, fast withdrawals and no withdrawal limits. It’s one to consider. As well as this it also has a great selection of games to get your teeth into.
  • LeoVegas is a great casino whatever way you look at it, whether you’re a high roller or not. It has an incredibly high paying welcome package, offering up to €1,600 as well as 120 free spins. As well as this it has a popular loyalty VIP reward program, fast withdrawals and a high withdrawal limit.
  • Casumo is another casino that VIP players and high rollers should check out. This casino welcomes you with €1,200 to get you started, then it offers hundreds of games with an impressive loyalty programme and high withdrawal limits. Along with fast withdrawals and great customer service, this is great for all high rollers.

Best Slots for High Rollers and VIP Players

There are hundreds of games that are great for high rollers, so narrowing it down to just a few would be pointless. It is important to know exactly what you should look for in a slot if you are a high roller or VIP player, so you can make an informed decision based on the suitability of the slot for high rollers and your personal taste in games:

  • A slot game that’s good for high rollers should have a high RTP. High rollers play to win, not just for fun. High rollers will probably also benefit from a slot being a high variance game because you can afford to wait for that big win. Make sure it has a transparent and published RTP as you need to know for a fact that it is a good slot as you’re investing a lot of trust and money in the game.
  • The bonus features must be rewarding. As a high roller, you want a game that pays out big wins more often – whether it’s during the base game or during the Free Spins round or bonus features. It must be a slot that pays out big when you land a win.

Taking this into consideration, when looking for a slot you should check out games such as: Ooh Aah Dracula, which has an insane RTP of 99% if you pay to unlock the special fixed bet ‘Hi roller’. Another game that’s good for high rollers is Nemo’s Voyage, which offers a very high maximum bet with an RTP of 99%. You’ll also need to pay out for around 150 spins in order to reach the bonus feature, which is where you win the big bucks. Then there’s Secrets of Christmas that has an impressive RTP of 98.7% with a maximum bet of €125. There are many more great slots to be found for high rollers when you visit the right casinos.